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My chosen career path wasn’t exactly a straight line to photography. My interest started early – I was definitely one of those kids with a camera in my hand – fascinated by the world around me. But I also had a strong desire to help others and make a difference in the world so I pursued becoming a therapist.  I graduated from UMASS Amherst in 1987 with a degree in Psychology and in 1993 I completed an MSW at Smith College School for Social Work.

I spent the next few years working as a family therapist and loved it, but I was downsized three times in three years and became disillusioned. I took a few months off to travel the US from one national park to the next and decided there were opportunities waiting for me in sales and marketing.  I spent nearly a decade building businesses where I was able to travel extensively and meet incredible people. 

In 2005 I got the call that my father was ill so I decided it was time to return to Boston to spend time closer to home.  Soon after returning to Boston I met my wife and together we discussed ideas for starting a business that combined my passion for helping people with my need to express myself creatively.  I made lots of lists of different entrepreneurial ventures which always had “photographer” on the page.  My wife’s exact words to me were “How come I always see photography at the top of the list but you never take it seriously?” And with that, I had the push I needed. What began as a simple exploration into digital workshops at New England School of Photography led to a series of intense hands-on training opportunities and mentoring with internationally recognized icons and industry leaders.

Fast forward to 2020. If you had told me then what would happen I would have not believed you. Today I am incredibly fortunate to work with top leaders in business, sports, politics, and entertainment. Some of my best friends I’ve met while working on projects for their company, foundation, or family.  And the best part, I still have the same enthusiasm as I did back when I was a little kid with a camera in my hands.

Feel free to reach out so we can schedule a call or in-person consultation. The best way to reach me is to call (617) 504-7005, email info@rickbern.com or click here https://tave.com/rickbernphotography/contact/67fa62.

Look forward to connecting soon!


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