Headshot as Branding

I received a quick note from a client telling me that her headshot was being used alongside an article in the Boston Globe today. I have to admit, the excitement of seeing one of my images published in a newspaper never gets old.

It got me thinking how insanely competitive headshots have become in the past year. Gone are the days of posting an awkward photo of yourself standing on a beach as your official LinkedIn or Google+ profile shot. Today’s corporate headshot has taken on a much greater meaning. Your headshot is now your personal brand, and you are the product. In today’s marketplace a headshot tells the world who you are.

Headshot guru Peter Hurley and psychologist Anna Rowley have recently teamed up to explore the psychology of personal branding and issues we all have with self-acceptance. They coined the term “psyphotology”. Learn more by watching their recent TEDx talk in Cambridge.

I’ve personally observed a spike in the frequency of urgent sounding email seeking a new Executive Portrait “right away”. Why so urgent? Some people have last minute press release requirements, but for the majority of folks, they seem to have experienced some sort of branding crisis. Once someone realizes the importance placed on a “simple headshot”, there’s apparently no time to waste.

Anyway, thank you Skylar for unintentionally getting my literary juices flowing today. She’s an amazing person, totally on top of her game, an expert in her field, super friendly and a force to be reckoned with…just like her photo suggests.

Executive Headshot with Skylar Griggs in Boston Globe.

Executive Headshot with Skylar Griggs in Boston Globe.

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