Jaimie Popped The Question!

Today marks the 11th anniversary of when Jaimie popped the question that changed my life.
The year was 2006 and we had just moved from Brookline to Newtonville. Back then I made a daily ritual of walking to the local bakery where I would sit and scribble on a legal pad for about an hour, hoping to delve deeper into the deluge of business ideas bouncing around in my head.
But on this day 11 years ago instead of me sitting alone, I was joined by my beautiful bride who eagerly assisted in the consumption of fresh chocolate ginger scones, coffee, and whatever else uber chef Eunice Feller would bring to our table. Jaimie read the newspaper and I went back to my “work” of sorting out my next big career.  After a time, she peered over at my notes, appraised the situation, and offered to me these life changing words:
“I see photography at the top of your list. How come you don’t take that seriously?”
I remember her words stinging a bit.  The delivery was perfect, with just the right amount of confrontation without actually being confrontational.  I soon realized there was no good answer and more importantly, I was excited by the possibilities.
It was this little intervention in our neighborhood coffee shop that propelled me forward.  Ultimately decisions made that day led to the incorporation of our photography business, and just a few years later, opening our headshot and family portrait studio in Needham. How the business has grown over the past decade is something we both are incredibly grateful for.  I feel so lucky to have had someone in my life who said the right thing, in the right way, at just the right time, and that I followed through to the end.
This morning I mentioned the “anniversary” to Jaimie when it came up on Facebook.
She smiled back at me, thought for a moment and said:
“Hey, I wasn’t wrong. It was a really good question.”
(photo taken at our table in Bread and Chocolate, 2006)
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