Join Our Team

Our need for experienced event photographers is growing rapidly as we continue to expand in the Boston wedding and Bar/Bat mitzvah market.

Who are we looking for?  What are a candidate’s most important qualities?

  1. Education – In addition to simply having a “good eye”, nearly everyone on our team have been formally trained at professional photography schools (Endicott, NESOP, BUCDIA etc).  Rick takes advantage of every opportunity to learn with legends in the industry, but is still considered more “self-taught” than formally trained.  Everyone at Rick Bern Photography has one thing in common: an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and desire for self-improvement.
  2. Creativity – Once someone is submitted for consideration, your portfolio will be critically reviewed.  Does your style match or compliment our brand?  How do you mesh with our other photographers?
  3. Likable and Trustworthy – This one is less tangible, but absolutely essential.  Photographers come in all shapes and sizes but one constant we need to have is being likable and trustworthy.  We are in a people business, so to be an event photographer we cannot be socially awkward or inappropriate.  We are always professional, yet fun to be around.  We read the situation to either take control or blend into the background, always in service of the client.
  4. Teachable – All photographers on the team are hungry for feedback.  Part of that process is accepting critique and being teachable.  All shooters receive feedback from Rick Bern on their shoots.  The goal is to help identify areas of improvement as well as acknowledge and reinforce areas of excellence.  Special trainings will be held at the studio periodically with focus on specific topics of interest relevant to our work.
  5. Reliability – If you say you’re going to do something you’ve got to do it.  There are many companies who promise clients one photographer to secure a booking, only to switch them at the last moment because of a fabricated “emergency”.  If this is a regular accepted practice, it’s referred to as “bait and switch”.  Our studio provides the best boutique experience for every client.  Part of that experience is knowing once we commit a specific photographer, that commitment is a contract we do not alter unless there is no other course to take.  Being a consistent reliable team member is an absolute necessity.

If the above describes you, please email us directly at with your resume and a little bit about yourself and what you’re looking for.  We will be back to you soon.

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