Why Professional Headshots?

We get asked all the time…

“Why do I need a professional headshot?”

Let’s assume everyone is trying to make a good first impression in the business world. If a potential client were to research your company and see unprofessional images of the leadership, what would that say about your brand? The goal of our work is to present your team in the best light possible and to attract and retain new clients. For those entering the workforce, our goal is to help attract new employment opportunities with the best impression of you possible.

Your LinkedIn or other social media professional headshot is the same as that first handshake when you meet a new client. Sadly you may never know if someone skips over you because it’s done online. Humans make quick decisions based on emotion, not logic. Does your current image give yourself the best chance at success or could you do better?

If you only get one chance to make a first impression, why risk being ignored or dismissed? Using a selfie from your iPhone or a cropped wedding photo from 9 years ago tells future clients exactly how much time, effort and energy you devote toward making a good first impression. By contrast, investing in yourself and taking the time to do it right with a professional, conveys your level of commitment to getting the job done right.

Here are a couple simple examples from the studio to show how a professional headshot can change the way your feel about the person in the photo. Fill out the information below and we will be in touch soon to schedule your session!

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