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Now that we have the green light to open the studio, how do you know if it’s safe to come in?

Coming into the studio is a touchless experience. I keep a distance of 6-20’ and so long as we practice social distancing, everyone should be fine.

Here are the steps I’ve taken to ensure everyone’s safety:

•  The first is a no-brainer. Just wear a face mask. In fact, the building won’t allow anyone to enter without one. You will stay masked at all times except when in front of the camera. When we’re done shooting, mask up!

•  Please use the hand sanitizer at the main door, or wash your hands in one of our bathrooms. There is a bottle of Purell inside the studio as well. All sessions are scheduled to ensure only one client will be in the studio at a time. To prevent overlap, please stay in your car and call me at (617) 504-7005 to let me know you’ve arrived.

•  I’ve purchased three Medical Grade H13 HEPA air filters for the studio. The HEPA filters are rated for a much larger space so this will help keep the air exchange as effective as possible. By all calculations, the air in the office is exchanged every few minutes. I will run a window fan to draw the air out of the studio.

•  Finally, for anyone scheduling my hair and makeup artist, Bre Welch is up to date with all the latest Covid guidelines. Everything she uses is disposable, and she will wear both a mask and shield while working.

Thanks for helping keep everyone safe. If you have any additional recommendations please reach out anytime.