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Family | Seniors | Pets


60 minute studio session


Includes 2 digital files


Additional files $250 each


All print products purchased separately



Family | Seniors | Pets


60 minute session


Meet at location of your choice


Includes 2 digital files


Additional files $250 each


Fees may apply for travel over 35 miles


These packages are a great starting point, but sometimes people need a little something different. I’m happy to put together a custom quote for you and your family.

“Brilliant!!! Amazing!!! Believe all of the positive reviews!!! His dedication and passion in creating the perfect shot was thoroughly appreciated. He made the process fun. Now, we have the difficult to choose photos because we LOVED them ALL!!!”

Dr. Sally Wang

“Great guy, great photographer. Rick took a nice shot of me and my rescue dog last year that I love! He also took some amazing shots of my fiancé and I last month that were amazing! I highly recommend Rick Bern Photography for all pet and people portraits.”

Lisa Guidi

We are a camera-happy family, and have been to chain studios before, but we’ve never received anything like the masterpieces Rick created for us.”

Mark Redston

Senior Portrait Male

There’s No “I” in Teen

I love working with my clients to help them look their best.

Senior Portrait Female
What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

I accept Venmo, ApplePay, cash, checks and all major credit

What Can I Do To Help Durring The Session?

During the session, I ask parents to stay calm and quiet so I can do my thing. We both want your kids/pets to feel comfortable and act natural.

What Is Parental Cheerleading?
Prompting kids to “say cheese” or “smile for the camera” will not produce a genuine expression. If it worked, photographers worldwide would have caught on by now. It doesn’t work. Really.

Parents who tell kids to say cheese are unwittingly creating the exact opposite of what they want. When a child (or pet) hears too many voices giving direction, they become overwhelmed. Say goodbye to anything authentic after that happens. I don’t want subjects to perform for me or give me a fake smile. You hired an experienced professional photographer, trust me, I’m not shy and if I need your help I am not afraid to ask for it.

If you hear me jokingly say I’m going to have to put you in a “time-out”, it’s my way of gently reminding you not to be a cheerleader. Don’t be that parent who I suggest might want to take a walk in the hallway…

How Do I Prepare For the Hair/Makeup Artist?
I love to travel and I’m game if you want me to meet at your favorite beach on Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, the Cape, or even just your backyard.

While I do love shooting on cool locations, more often than not I can be found shooting portraits behind the studio and nobody would ever know. Staying at the studio is also a great way to get a mix of studio and environmental portraits in the same session. For a demonstration that the perfect background isn’t always what you expect, here’s a shot of my kids with a dumpster!

Should Cut My Hair Before My Portrait Session?

If you’re planning on getting a haircut, schedule it about a week before your portrait. This assures your hair is neatly groomed, but has “settled” from being freshly cut.

Are You Comfortable Photographing Children and Pets?
Yes! As the father of two little boys and two Labradoodles, I am completely at home photographing kids and pets. I’m also a former social worker, which my wife tells me comes in handy nearly every day at work. I do my best to approach every session with openness, patience and a healthy dose of humor. Because these are not my children, I am able to resist the temptation to bargain, beg, bribe and over-promise in the pursuit of an “authentic” expression, and I ask that you do the same. The more comfortable everyone is, the better the photos will be.
How Should I Prepare My Pet For A Photo Session?
Be sure your dog is well groomed, well-exercised and not well fed. Only feed your dog half their normal breakfast on the day of the shoot because a slightly hungry dog will give me their full attention and will respond better to treats. Bring your pet’s favorite snack to the session in a sealed baggie, without the animal’s knowledge, and hand it to me quietly when you arrive.

Please brush your dog before entering the studio. I have asthma, so excess dog hair flying through the studio will be a major problem. I suggest giving your dog a bath or grooming that morning or the day before. Heavy shedders and high strung animals are best captured outdoors.

It’s very important to maintain a calm tone when arriving. If your dog is high energy, schedule your session late enough in the day to allow for you to exercise them hard – wear them out – and allow at least an hour for them to settle down and reach a calm state before walking into the studio, or at the location where we will shoot.

What Time Should I Arrive for My Appointment?
According to Vince Lombardi, “If you are 5 minutes early, you are 10 minutes late”. Coming late to your session makes everyone feel rushed and it’s really not great for creativity. Please be considerate of the clients who follow your appointment who are likely on a tight schedule just like you. Please leave enough time to find the building, use the restroom, get changed, fix makeup, etc. I recommend arriving about 10 minutes before your scheduled session so we can begin on time. No need to come more than 10 minutes early, or you could end up waiting in your car. All missed appointments without 24 hour notice will be billed the full session fee.
Can I Take Pictures During My Session?
All images seen on the monitor are protected by copyright and therefore all unauthorized photos taken in the studio, even using an iPhone, are in violation of copyright protection.
Can I Post Images on Social Media?
Absolutely. Once you receive the retouched images, feel free to post them on social media. All I ask is that you tag me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn so the images link back. Also when you tag a photo, please write “photo credit: Rick Bern” in the comments.
Black and White Family Portrait


Family portraits are about documenting a moment in time shared by you and your loved ones.


Senior portraits are a timeless tradition and a great way to never forget the glory days of high school.

Senior Portrait
Pet Portrait Labradoodle


Your pets are part of your family and pet portraits give you the opportunity to share that love with others.

I’m so sure that you will be thrilled with the results, that I offer a 100% money-back guarantee of your session fee if you are not completely satisfied with your photographs.
*Refunds do not apply to special offers or promotions.